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While we do spend a lot of time in our professional roles, a truly meaningful and satisfying career needs to fit in with your entire life.  As your career coach I will support you to create  a career that is in alignment with your authentic self.It is a process of  breaking through career-related paralysis, and managing the anxiety that starts to bubble up around making big career changes.

Either you feel stuck in your career or  you are looking to secure a pay rise , or become a manager? Or you want your work to move in a different direction altogether.

We will put perspective around how to create a healthy work-life balance, stress management skills and boundary setting skills  and how to keep your professional success in perspective as just one aspect of your entire life.


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Coaching can help you with the above and more

  • Get clarity on what you want and what’s important to you professionally
  • Create career vision and direction and bring it to life with focused goals
  • Explore strengths, skills, ambitions and discover new career possibilities
  • Boost confidence and build resilience
  • Overcome any limiting beliefs and connect you to your powerful self
  • Develop structures and accountability to help you take consistent action
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