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12 week Mental Fitness Program

Positive Intelligence 12 Week Course

The Positive Intelligence program will help you change the way you think about life and all of the obstacles, stresses, irritations, and doubts that we face every day.

It has the potential to result in long-term good behavior changes as well as significant improvements in happiness, productivity, and personal relationships. It’s just as helpful at work and in your career as it is at home and in your personal life.

I am licensed to use the Positive Intelligence technique with my clients via their online, app-based training platform. This program, I believe, has the power to be a life-changing experience, providing you with self -awareness that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

The Positive Intelligence program I offer is based on their online, app-based training platform, which provides you with weekly videos to watch (1 hour per week) and short daily exercises to complete (15 minutes per day), which you can fit around your schedule and commitments in whatever way works best for you. We also have a weekly Zoom group session (30 minutes) where I facilitate a conversation in small groups (typically about 5 individuals) for those participating in the program.Our weekly meetings will help you stay on track and reflect on your weekly learnings.

Additional three-hour coaching meetings with me after 7 week Training  to explore your unique needs, goals, and challenges, as well as to incorporate all of your newfound knowledge into your daily life. Many program participants value the extra time to process what they’ve learned and how they’re making sense of it in order to create long-term, positive changes in their career and personal life.

After completing the 12-week intense program, you will have access to Positive Intelligence Growth on the App, which will include fresh content to help you continue to strengthen your PQ muscles.

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Whats Included?

    •  6 weeks Access to the Positive Intelligence App (Worth £750)
    • Weekly 30min Group or Individual sessions facilitated by me (Worth £300)
    • 3 Individual Coaching Sessions after the program to integrate learnings into your daily life (Worth £300)
    •  Access to the Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment
    •  Weekly Training Videos on Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine (Worth £750)
    •  First 8 chapters of Shirzad Chamine’s bestselling book, Positive Intelligence (digital & audio format)
    •  Access to the Positive Intelligence Community for support.
    •  3 Month Membership to Positive Intelligence Grow to enhance your learning. (Worth £100)

12 week Mental Fitness Program

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