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The Art of Introspection (TAOI) is based on the notion that when we are able to look at who we are and what we need from a place of authenticity, compassion, and connectedness, we begin to thrive as fully expressed beings.

I believe we are here on this earth to do something meaningful that connects us with what we love and brings value to ourselves and others in the process.

I am passionate about seeing humans live authentically, create a life or work from their most expansive selves, and the impact that has on the individual, family, community, and society at large.



  • ACC level accredited coach with over 400+ hours of professional coaching experience

  • Compassionate Inquire with Dr. Gabor Mate (Trauma informed psychotherapeutic approach) –  in process, feb 2023 

  • Transformative CoachingAnimas Centre for Coaching London, one of the world’s leading schools of Transformative Coaching, accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF) and by the Association for Coaching

  • Group Coaching & Facilitation, Animas Centre for Coaching (CCT)

  • Integrative Sound Healing – Sound Healing Academy London

  • Mental Fitness Coaching (PQ) accredited by ICF & trained with Shirzad Chamine the developer of PQ system and author of the New York Times bestselling Positive Intelligence

  • Over 300+ hours of Professional Coaching

  • Student of Yoga, meditation and mindfulness over 15 years.

What I learned from a cancer diagnoses

The work is not to become better or fix myself; rather, it is to embrace the idea that I am already my best and highest self with everything that is present.

The cancer diagnosis has taught me, what it is that I am suppressing and that there is a way back to myself. When I returned to myself, many things that were once important to me were no longer important. I realised that many desires I had , arose as a result of an unconscious deficiency I feel. When I get something now,it means less,yet I enjoy it more. The central theme of freedom that runs throughout my journey, contributes to the work’s value.

The work involves letting go of everything that does not align with my true nature and expanding my capacity to feel. Everything else falls into place.

The dedication I have for the work is the value I place on myself. Today is the day when I get to choose whether or not I truly value and appreciate myself on a daily basis.

Either I can go about my day with a sense of joy and freedom, or I can continue to worry, hassle, and abandon myself as I have for the vast majority of my life.

Part of me knows that hassles are unnecessary and are inextricably linked to desires.

The work is not to become better or fix myself; rather, it is to embrace the idea that I am already my best and highest self with everything that is present.

Instead, I’m working on becoming more self-aware so that I can see the barriers that I put up and let go of what isn’t mine on a daily basis so that I can experience what it means to be.

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Folks who identify as non-binary, non- gendered, pangender, genderfluid, third-gender, two-spirit, or whatever entity is true for you, please know that you are welcome and beloved in this community.

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